Business advisory services

Are you looking to start a Business? Do you know what each business type means and how it may suit or not suit your needs?

We can review and advise on the best option to suit your needs for the business you have chosen.

Is the business right for you? This question is often asked of us and after conducting searches, reviewing financial reports of an established business we can weigh up the financial benefits before you commit yourself.

It is necessary before proceeding that you have this information, it will give you the big picture as to how viable your new business may or may not be. It will influence your decision!

Specialising in the provision of advice to small businesses to ensure they comply with the laws and statutory obligations

Chipperfield and Co. Pty. Ltd. provides a Business Advisory service dedicated to adapting to your challenges. We will assist you in reaching your objectives through getting to know your business and the environment you operate in. This allows us to recognise your goals and plan the most appropriate and effective strategies.

Our Business Consultants are passionate about partnering with business owners to deliver superior outcomes, to help achieve the goals our clients have been striving for. We have delivered solutions to a range of businesses including emerging entrepreneurs, private SME’s, government bodies and listed companies – all of which are different in many ways, however share the same desire, to improve their current situation and results.

We can provide guidance with regards to:

  • Profit Improvement
  • Efficiency in Overheads and Staff Costs
  • Business Health Checks Questionnaire and Analysis Tools
  • Business Coaching and Mentoring
  • Exit Strategy Planning